Cutting-Edge Developer and Supplier of 3D Printers Opens New Showroom in Florida

ORLANDO, FL, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 10/29/2014 – – 3D MakerJet Inc. announced today that they have opened a new showroom and corporate offices in Orlando, Florida, in the center of the popular “imagine” capital of the United States. Located in the Quorum Center, the company’s new showroom is strategically located in the exciting nexus of neighboring stalwarts such as Universal Studios® and Disney Resorts®.

The new 3D showroom fronts the home offices, warehousing and fulfillment center for the company, including the new Originator 3D printer series — the i1, i2, 20 and 35 models.

3D MakerJet Inc. develops premier, industrial-grade premium desktop printers — sized and aggressively priced —for the consumer, professional, and business markets. The company is committed to the development, production, and distribution of the best plastic, medical, culinary and powder-less metal 3D printers in the industry.

“Work and play fit together seamlessly here, and our business balances both,” says John Crippen, President of 3D MakerJet. “Our printers are great for consumers and professionals to create and print their own 3D objects, so Orlando was a perfect home base for us.”

The company is supplied by one of the world’s largest and most successful 3D developers and manufacturers of the latest 3D printers and technology.

To experience and purchase the company’s superior line of 3D printers and other new cutting-edge products, the new showroom is now open and the public is welcome to visit during the normal business hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm, Eastern Daylight Time at 4303 Vineland Road, Suite F2, in Orlando, Florida.

Please visit 3D MakerJet at for more details, including the ability to purchase one of the company’s quality line of 3D printers.

About 3D MakerJet:

3D MakerJet, Inc. the Orlando-based 3D printing company, is committed to supplying the best plastic, medical, culinary, and powder-less metal 3D printers in the industry, and is supplied by one of the largest and most experienced 3D printing Research, Development and Manufacturing entities in the world. 3D MakerJet’s Research & Development Partner and Manufacturer, ZBOT / Guangzhou DNSPOWER Design Co. LTD, was founded in 2000, and is a leader in the 3D printing industry. A cutting-edge developer in the plastics and manufacturing sector, ZBOT won the coveted CDA National Design Award for its ZBOT 3D Printer, which is the platform of the 3D MakerJet printer line, making their 3D printer the only CDA winner at the Civilian level, re?ecting the product’s superior quality, as well as the manufacturer’s comprehensive strength, commitment and capabilities. Additional offices in the ZBOT Industrial Design Center in Guangzhou, China. More at sglum ) , 647.762.7962.


Steve Glum



SOURCE: 3D MakerJet

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