Book Parade! with Richard Wills Features 17 Year Old Writer and Radio Talk Show Hall of Famer

LOS ANGELES, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 11/11/2014 – – Book Parade! with Richard Wills, a television talk show designed for book authors, experts and entrepreneurs featured 17 year old teen advocate, Henna Hundal. Henna has been promoting her teen initiative program telling teenagers how to live an awesome life using her radio talk show as one of her marketing platforms. Her upcoming book which she is co-authoring, YOLO – Teen Success Project, You Only Live Once, So Be Awesome! is scheduled for a December 19, 2014 eBook release.

“This is not just another self-help, success book, it’s much more” stated Wills, “It’s an eye opener for teens to take a look at living an awesome life that’s not full of danger and living on the edge, but one that involves living a full and prosperous, healthy life”. This book will ultimately change the way teens look at their life, health, and the foods they eat. Although the book is crafted for teens, people of all ages will find a wealth of beneficial information, including how to get involved as mentors for teenagers.

The show came to a close with Henna sharing her experience of transitioning from a writer to a radio talk show host on one of the hottest teen radio stations where she’s the lead host.

About Henna Hundal

Henna Hundal is a high school senior from Turlock, California. She’s known as a passionate writer, silence-breaker, and game-changer. She has been published in a variety of print and online publications, including various well-known newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more. She is also the lead host of Express Yourself! Teen Radio, the top-rated program on the VoiceAmerica Kids Network. Henna is currently co-authoring a youth empowerment book called YOLO* — Teen Success Project. *You Only Live Once, So Be Awesome! Henna’s primary aim is to use her writing and radio platforms to help teenagers lead the lives they love.

Skype: hennahundalradio

Email: henna

Book website:

Radio show:

About Richard Wills

Richard ( is an author, content creator, entrepreneur, television producer, host and moderator. His company Book Parade TV is a successful television company based in Los Angeles. Richard started his television career in 2012. His television show Book Parade! with Richard Wills was a finalist in the WAVE Awards for Best Informational Talk Show in 2013 featuring entrants from the six western states of California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii.


Richard Wills

PO Box 90284,

Pasadena, CA 91109 USA.

Tel: +1-626-398-7450.


SOURCE: Book Parade! TV

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