TriTech Introduces Inform RMS on the Latest Web Platform – The Most Intuitive and Flexible Records Management System Ever

SAN DIEGO, CA, United States, via ETELIGIS INC., 12/04/2014 – – TriTech Software Systems proudly announces the limited availability of Inform RMS, the upgraded web-based version of its popular records management solution. Recently awarded the 2014 APCO Hot Product Award, the latest release of Inform RMS represents a major leap forward in mobility and flexibility over traditional records management software and field-based reporting.

TriTech’s converged records management and field-based reporting web user experience, provide officers the ability to create, update, and submit reports easily and efficiently from the field or in the station. The system offers extensive configuration options that allow agencies to tailor the application to their needs and its inherent flexibility accommodates a wide range of environments. The web user experience is designed to streamline the entire reporting process, from report writing through report approval.

Key benefits of Inform RMS include:

– As a thin-client solution, Inform RMS brings together field reporting and records management into a single web-enabled solution for a mobile workforce. With secure and easy access to RMS data from a tablet, laptop, or PC, officers can spend more time in the field and less time in the station. To improve productivity even further, system administrators centrally manage updates and hotfixes for easy maintenance and distribution.

– Inform RMS Data Entry Designer allows agencies to define screen layouts, change field labels, remove fields, add custom fields, mark fields required, and set default field values. With data entry designed for your agency – by your agency, customers have the flexibility and power to change data entry layouts on their own – without vendor assistance or additional costs.

– Intelligent report entry through the use of key drivers narrows the display of pertinent data entry sections, fields, and pre-populates values. This will streamline reporting and eliminate redundant data entry.

– As part of TriTech’s Inform Suite, Inform RMS re-uses data across applications and users of CAD, Mobile, and FBR during report entry. Users can jump start report entry with recently entered information on people, events, property, and vehicles through a simple drag and drop action, so officers no longer need to re-type information – saving critical time and reducing errors.

– While some vendors only allow for one workflow, which is very static and linear, the Inform RMS Workflow Designer allows agencies configure the workflow for each report type to meet their specific workflow needs.

– At-a-glance visual indicators enable state-specific IBR/UCR, federal, and agency-defined validation displays to the user during data entry. Users see exactly what is needed, what the errors are, and quickly resolve them before submission.

Supporting Quotes:

Wendy Gilbert, Director of Product Management of TriTech Software Systems:

“It is an unmistakable fact that in law enforcement, the mobility of officers is crucial. The Inform RMS web user experience enables officers to work on reports from any device – laptop, tablet, or PC – and any location – vehicle, station, or field. We spent over two years of dedicated research and development with our customer stakeholders, and received great feedback from them throughout the development process to ensure that the product meets their needs and workflow. With Inform RMS now deployed and in use at several of our customer sites, we are thrilled by the enthusiastic reception and validation from users that Inform RMS makes their jobs easier.”

Lt. Joseph Rowson, Columbia Police Department, South Carolina:

“The new release of Inform RMS gives our department the flexibility to configure the data-entry screens and field labels to match our departmental processes. This change has greatly simplified the officer’s experience and streamlined our field reporting operation. Our IT staff is also celebrating the move from a thick client to a web application that will enable us to deploy quickly and stay current with new version releases.”

Supporting Resources:

TriTech Website:

About TriTech Software Systems:

TriTech Software Systems has been developing innovative solutions for public safety for more than 20 years. The company provides products and services to address any size and type agency with an end-to-end product suite to meet the needs of any agency – PSAP, Law, Fire, or EMS.

TriTech Software Systems’ sole focus is public safety software. The company’s experienced team contributes on average, 13 years of industry experience. TriTech has delivered the most trusted public safety software for over two decades and continues to lead the market with innovative, enterprise-wide cloud-based and on-premise solutions for 911, computer aided dispatch, records management, jail management, analytics and intelligence, field-based reporting, patient care reporting, and ambulance billing software.

For the best end-to-end integrated solution with unparalleled workflow, join the 2,700+ agency installations serving over 200 million citizens across 7 countries who rely on one company – TriTech Software Systems.


TriTech Software Systems

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SOURCE: TriTech Software Systems

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