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In this press release is a basic explanation of two separate companies, which are connected by family ownership. The Euro-American Finance Network, Inc. ("EAFN, INC.") is a private owned holding company, primarily engaged in these business activities: Real estate, Investment, Finance, Hospitality Lodging and Retail. The EAFN, INC. supports small business activities and creates jobs in communities. Also, The EAFN INC, has invested and purchased ownership in the public company eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION listed on OTC Market Pink Sheet under symbol "EFLN."

The Euro-American Finance Network, Inc, has objectives to inform as many individuals as possible of the existence of the small public company eFUEL EFN, CORP. which has great potential in the future. We think that every individual and society can benefit from the highly diversified company in terms of purchasing their products, services and investing in a profitable company. The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION stock symbol "EFLN" is a growing business entity that has goals, finances and management to continue planed working activities.

eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION working on four projects which will add assets to the company of $160,000,000 (one hundred sixty million U.S.A. dollars), revenue of 35,000,000 (thirty five million U.S.A. dollars) annually, these estimated projections depend on economic stability.

The general explanation of eFUEL EFN CORPORATION activities for three quarters of 2014:

The second quarter has been a very active one for eFUEL EFN CORPORATION. It began with the acquisition of the Hotel Marion business located in Marion, Indiana for $2 million and 400,000,000 common shares at $0.01. The new business will be a significant gain for eFUEL as it activates the company’s hospitality department (division) and brings in revenue. The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION has paid $129,000.00 in Real estate tax on Hotel Marion to the Grand County and has to pay more than $69,000.00 by August 2015.

In May, the Caveat Emptor was lifted by the OTC after eFUEL EFN CORPORATION, filed the appropriate financial information. Among the documents filed were 2013 Annual Report, First quarter Balance Sheet, and first quarter Income Statement. Also, in June 30, 2014 the Company filed 2nd quarter financial statement, 3rd quarter on September 30, and 4th quarter December 31, 2014. Also, 2014 Annual Report are filed to OTC Market in the January 2015.

After months of negotiations between eFUEL and Mr. John Carbone, over a partnership to launch the pizza brand Carbone Pizza, a definitive agreement has been met in which each party will hold 50% ownership. The pizza, brand will be sold to convince stores and other quick market stores. In addition, a Mr. John Carbone will operate the Cherokee Trading Post Cafe in Wildwood, Florida, which is owned by eFUEL EFN CORPORATION, and will carry the Carbone Pizza brand.

In June, eFUEL launched a new logo. An "a" that spirals out a single line that completes the company name "fuel" in cursive, and with a yellow background. The new logo is a symbol of determination and to always move. The new logo also is a precursor to rebranding the company into a strong and forward thinking investment company.

During the second quarter board meeting, directors discussed forward thinking strategies to enter into international markets. At this time, the company has decided to focus on current market growth in the USA.

Presently company has over $18,000.000 in assets and expecting to have approximately $1,500,000.00 in revenue by the end of the year. The nature of business activities changes the accounting information day after day. The eFUEL EFN CORPORATION has establish two credit lines with Exxon-Mobil and Euro-American Finance Network, Inc. This will help the company to maintain a good credit rating. The company is registered with the Dun & Bradstreet agency.

In the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2014. The company management was working to improve sales, expand operation and marketing goods to the customers. All these activities are satisfactory with the company’s long term business plan. Also, the Hotel Marion and Vada’s restaurant, were forced to close after their main heating unit caught fire and melted crucial pieces of the unit. The close is not meant to be a permanent one, but it takes time to make necessary repairs and get a new unit installed. A reopen date is estimated to be around February 25, 2015.

The management is close to closing an asset purchase valued at $5,000.000 and is presently generating very impressive revenue. However, when eFUEL EFN CORPORATION closes this deal the asset value will increase to $23,000,000 and revenue will increase substantially. The company should close deal in 1st quarter of 2015.

In 2015 the company is planning to go fully reporting and the structure of shares are: Common shares authorized 2,500,000,000. Float or free trading shares 1,175,254,801. Restricted shares 724,727,308. The 600,000,017 are in treasury account at Transfer Agent. It is 1,000.000.000 Preferred "A" shares and 35,000.000 ‘B" shares. The quantity of shares will remain same and all shares have voting rights according to the company BY-LAWS.

The investor from Europe would like to have direct investment of $160,000,000 in the company for four mall projects. Presently company’s management are in negotiation with investment institution. We do not know if this investment can happen or not; however the Department of Environmental Protection has finished some of the soil testing needed for thess four projects.

When these four projects are developed the eFUEL EFN CORPORATION assets will be over one billion dollars.




Ljubica Stefanovic, President

Should investor have any future questions to not hesitate to contact our office by phone 352-326-8381 or mail to eFUEL EFN CORPORATION, 1212 S. Main St. Wildwood, Florida 34785. USA.

Forward Looking Statement

This press release information contains certain forward looking statement with the meaning of Section 27A of Securities Act 1933 as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act 1934 which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created in connection with that investors are cautioned that all Forwarding statements involve risks and uncertainties including eFUEL EFN CORPORATION.



Ljubica Stefanovic, President

1212 S. Main St.

Wildwood, Florida 34785






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